For information on how to cite the use of the ADAQ database and the data made available, see this link. Below we list those papers and others which are related to ADAQ and the ADAQ database.

ADAQ and ADAQ database

These are publications that are referenced from the ADAQ database because they directly have contributed to the database and/or key metodology.

  1. ADAQ: Automatic workflows for magneto-optical properties of point defects in semiconductors,
    J. Davidsson, V. Ivády, R. Armiento, and I. A. Abrikosov, Computer Physics Communications, 108091 (2021).

  2. Theoretical polarization of zero phonon lines in point defects,
    J. Davidsson, J. of Phys.: Condensed Matter 32, 385502 (2020).

Data in the ADAQ database

These publications have provided data that are currectly made available through the ADAQ database:

Other related publications

These are publications that in some other way have contributed to or in some way been enabled by ADAQ or the ADAQ database.